Flippin the bird


"Flippin' The Bird" is going to be the first single to be released from the upcoming EP. This was the first song Cole ever wrote and is really what got him to start playing and writing music more often. It is a light-hearted song with wit and humor that shows a youthful side to Cole as an artist. This will be the third track on his EP which is set to release January 31, 2020.. 

"Can't Ruin A bad reputation" ep Tracklist

1.Can't Ruin A Bad Reputation

Title track. Southern Rock feel written with a 'don't care' attitude. 


Specifically influenced by the opioid epidemic; more generally addiction. 

3.Flippin' The Bird

Debut single about the everyday trials of life. 

4. All I Have To Say

Co-written with Silas Reed III of Oxford, MS. Slow, heartbreak song. 

5.A Little Too Good For Me

Written about entitled people. Up-beat, honkytonk tune. 

The EP

Can't Ruin A Bad Reputation

"Can't Ruin A Bad Reputation" is Cole Decker's debut full-band EP. All tracks are originals with one co-write ("All I Have To Say" co-written with Silas Reed III). It released January 31, 2020.

This EP was recorded at Blue Sky Studios in Jackson, Mississippi with producer Casey Combest and sound technician Tucker Ward.


All of the artwork and promotional material was created by Cole Decker for both the single and the EP.